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Villa's Roofing is the authoritative source for white membrane roofing in the area. We are local experts in EPDM roofing and are at your service to answer all your questions about this energy-saving, innovative product.

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EPDM Roofing

A highly durable and superior rubber roofing material, white EPDM roofing membrane installations are a cost-effective and increasingly popular roofing option for low sloped, and flat roof systems. Ultra-durable and extremely flexible, Villa's Roofing white EPDM rubber roofing is installed using the latest roof seam technology that fully seals and protects flashings and is completely waterproof. Benefit from energy savings and enhanced product performance with EPDM material that is completely recyclable and recognized as an environmentally sustainable roofing alternative that also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Choose White Membrane Roofing?

Available in both black and white, Villa's Roofing rubber roofing options are customized to your particular needs and location. Opt for a white membrane roofing system to reflect a significant percentage of UV radiation that helps buildings stay cooler or choose a carbon black EPDM installation to reduce heating costs. Discuss your specific requirements with our knowledgeable and experienced roofing specialists for a range of practical and attractive rubberized roofing solutions.

White Membrane Roofing Installation

Villa's Roofing offers white EPDM roofing membranes and EPDM rubber roof coating in a range of widths or as rolled rubber roofing that allows for increased flexibility and ease of installation. Available in various thicknesses that are customized according to the specifics of your particular industry, all EPDM roofing material offers complete waterproof protection and exceptional durability. Our licensed and insured roofing technicians provide accurate price estimates and carry out efficient and organized EPDM installation using one of three methods that include full adhesion, ballasted roof installation or the mechanical fastening following a complete assessment of your existing roof system.

The Villa's Roofing Guarantee

From the initial consultation, to EPDM material selection, through to certified installation and project completion, Villa's Roofing is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction carry out all rubber roofing services and installations in accordance with local building codes and with strict adherence to the highest industry standards. In addition, property owners can benefit from extra savings on roof tear down costs since our premium quality prefabricated white roofing membranes are carefully measured to precisely fit your existing roof system requiring.

Why Choose Villa's Roofing?

When installed by an experienced rubber roofing contractor, EPDM roofing requires minimal maintenance and provides superior product performance. Villa's Roofing has installed over a million square feet of EPDM rubber roofing over a period of many years. Benefit from the skill and expertise of a qualified roofing contractor offering superior white membrane and rubber roofing products and the latest in roofing technology.

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No-Obligation Quotes On All Roofing Services

If you’re considering installing a roof on your residential or commercial property, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our contractors. We’d be happy to send a certified professional to your site to evaluate the scope of the job for you. We’ll assess the condition of your existing roof, the amount of new material necessary, and the length of time it will take to complete the installation.

When we have a firm grasp of what the project entails, we can give you a cost estimate of the job, should you choose to hire us to complete it. No guesswork, no hidden fees—we’ll let you know exactly what you can expect up-front.

White Roof, Green Savings

White membrane roofing is quickly becoming the first-choice product for environmentally conscious consumers. With super high solar reflectivity and super low maintenance requirements, EPDM roofing owners experience significant cost savings, one utility bill at a time. What’s more, white roofing can be applied directly on top of existing roofs, meaning it’s not necessary to discard the old materials. With a white roof, you’re eliminating waste and contributing to a sustainable way of life.

White roof. Green savings. Brighter future. What’s not to love?

Fast Roof Installation Times

Thanks to our extensive industry experience, our installation crew has become a true master of the trade. We’re able to complete even large-scale projects in record times. When you hire us to install your roof, you can expect us to maintain a clean, productive work site from start to finish. We never step a foot on-site without a concrete, surefire plan of action in place, and your project won’t be any different. We make sure our labor practices are quick and efficient so that our turnaround times are always a cut above the rest. Meanwhile, our meticulous project supervisors ensure that not an ounce of our hallmark craftsmanship is compromised.

Faster than the rest and recognized as the best—book your installation with us today.

White Membrane Roofing Facts

  • White roofing systems keep buildings cooler by reflecting the sun’s heat reducing premature again.
  • Studies on cooler roofing systems have revealed that energy demands are reduced significantly resulting in noticeably lower energy costs.
  • White membrane roofing systems require very little maintenance and do not deteriorate at the same rapid rate as more conventional roofing materials.
  • EPDM rubber roof coatings are installed onsite directly over an existing roof saving on roof replacement and reducing landfill use.

We are experts in the characteristics of white membrane roofing. If you have any further questions or concerns about the product, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We don’t sell products that we don’t wholeheartedly believe in. Our goal is to find you the best value product for your needs. You can count on us to give you our unbiased, professional advice. We’ll candidly lay out the advantages and disadvantages of all your options so that you can make an informed decision in confidence.

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